Red Space

 It is the year 2325. We've charted all there is to find in the deep recesses of outer space...Or so we thought.

Save these astronauts from a carnivorous alien many light years from Earth! #AlienGames #PointAndClick #FlashGames Scientists upon planet Apollo(very much like our Earth) have discovered another Galaxy 3.8 trillion trillion light years away. What's more. They've dubbed it Red Space. Because of it's abundant Kryptonian deposits.

 The United Galactics(very much like our league of nations) has teamed up with various government agencies to ship convicts over to this forsaken zone. They have already sent the Milky Way Army Corps on over to begin construction on federal prison cells. But something went horribly wrong.

 A carnivorous creature was discovered upon their landing side of Crypto the Asteroid. Many engineers were eaten alive. This beast resembles our Raptors in some ways and Raw Head Rex in others.

 Now you have been sent to search and rescue these soldiers from the clutches of this fiend and bring them back to Planet Apollo. Point-and-click in the right order to make it happen correctly. There are devices to fix and machinery to crank up. Hurry before that creature finds you.

 The game is fairly interactive and has a good storyline. With preppy music and martian graphics, it's sure to be a thrill during your coffee break!

Ratings 4.8 Stars!

Play Red Space!


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