Sky Island

Come play a little #platformer 8 miles in the air with Sky Island! #3DPlatformer #AdventureGames #FlashGames
 There is a proverbial island 8 miles high into the sky. Where sages rule and midgets dwell in esoteric bliss. Or so goes the story...

 Sky Island is a puzzle platformer from the studios of Neutronized. You must cue your hand-eye coordination skills-hammering those Arrow Keys to hop about from one floating isle to the next. Other than a few baddies here and there, I wouldn't worry too much about any villains(heck the last guy is bananas).

Sky Island Review

 Just like Paper Mario, you'll have the power to manipulate the angle of the platform. My only complaint is the increasing challenge which takes away from the overall adventure. But with a little old school flare running in the background, I'm sure you won't mind too much.

Play Sky Island!


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