Cover Orange 2

Here's the second installment to #CoverOrange! #PhysicsGames #StrategyGames #FlashGames
Once upon a time...

 There lived a few happy oranges in the land of plank and wood. A realm of peace and tranquility. A place one could happily plant themselves firmly on the ground. Until darkness swept over the face of the Earth!

 Malevolent beings from the heavens struck the land far and wide. Raining down hailstones made out of spikes! The result has always been rot and destruction. Not a soul survived this deadly onslaught. Until you came in the picture.

 Now that I've got your attention, your task is to manipulate your surroundings to help cover these poor morsels from the impending meanies from above. All you need is sharp mental focus and a little mouse power to do the job. Just one peg can turn these dainty little oranges into shriveled up corpses.

Have at it!

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