Epic Charlie

Help Charlie prove his innocence in Epic Charlie! _AdventureGames #PlatformGames #FlashGames
Long ago,

 There lived a ruler who taught his students well the ways of wizardry. He never so much as raised an iron fist but gently suaded his hearers into the realm of magic and sorcery. But not all appreciated this gift too well.

 You see, Marquen-who once sat at the feet of this great magician. Rebelled and murdered his master by the very same skills he taught him.

 All the towns folk straightway condemned Charlie with assassination and murder. Though he wasn't the one who slayed him. But before they could get their dead pointy fingers on him, the spirit of Master Guni appeared and commissioned Charlie to avenge his blood-sending him to another realm to fight the forces of darkness.

 Now you must help this young lad hunt down this evil sorcerer and prove your innocence once for all to restore your good name among the townsfolk. Use the Arrow Keys to run and S to jump. Hit D now and then to fire at will. Whatever you do, be sure to hone your wall-kicking skills to save you from hours of frustration.

Now do this good deed for your teacher and let him rest in peace.

Play Epic Charlie!


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