Saint Paddy's Day Goodies!

I have up to 5 #StPatricksDay #FlashGames to spare on my blog! #StPatricksDayGames
 Nothin' like are little Irish folklore to get ye spirits high. Though I may not drive thy snakes out ur Ireland. I do heft some fresh goodies to spare!

#1 St. Patrick's Gold

Here is a good #StPatricksDayGame by the #EdisBrothers! #SaintPatricksDay
 If ye could collect all thee treasure I've left me behind, I'll let thee hoard(er I mean) keep it. Only one thing ther mate. Unless y're clever at converting me gold to thy currency, my booty hast no monetary value.:) All I can give thee is a good hearty score. So give it tyur best shot!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play St Patty's Gold!

#2 St. Patrick's Hangman

Here is #StPatricks Hangman-a game by The Dimensions Edge Inc. #StPatricksDayGames
 I could nev're call this mate Irish as he dwells in another holiday-a season much darker than this jolly Green Day. Neverthyless, I do admire them who love the ways of thee Irish! See if ye could spell aright all the blessed ways of Ireland. Though, I'd love for thee to give this morsel a lesson ur two of sticking to ur own putrid season.

Game by The Dimensions Edge Inc.

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

Play St. Patrick's Hangman!

#3 St. Patrick's Day Coloring

Here is a #StPatricksDay coloring game by #TheColor. #SaintPatricksDayGames
 Give thy artistry a boost and send to ur sweetheart blessings from the land of the enchanted. As they say "A kiss on Saint Patty's Day is a good luck charm"!

Ratings: 4 Stars!

Play St. Patrick's Day Coloring!

#4 Leprechaun's Gold

Here is Leprechaun's Gold -a #PointAndClick #AdventureGame by #StoneAgeGames.
 I dare ye to search land ore sea to find thee a pot of gold! As ye dance in-step with thee Irish charmers, see if ye could sneak upon the end of tur rainbow and grab some shillings and horde for thyself a clover of enchanted luck!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Leprechaun's Gold!

#5 Polygone St. Patrick's Day

Here is a #SaintPatricksDayGame by #Samgine. #FlashGames
 Now for thy final treat! Try to spot me Clovers camouflaged throughout thur page. I dare ye to face this final challenge ur mine. If ye are proven worthy than a true Irish man ye shall truly be!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play St. Patrick's Day Polygone Game!

 That is all the goodies I have on this blessed day of Irish folklore. But I do wish thee a jolly ol Saint Patrick's Day!


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