Escape 3D: The Bathroom

You've been locked inside a bathroom. Do what you can to escape. #RoomEscape, #PointAndClick #3dGames
 Tonight the bathroom god's have locked you in good. Yes as with all these cases, you can't remember a darn thing. It's just you and the Lavatory.

 Just what brought you to this pitiful state? Well, one Friday night you were out having a blast with your girlfriend. When the car stalls flat. Thankfully a gas station was right down the alley. Besides, you've been dying to hit the bathroom for like 2 hours.

 Immediately, you rush to the restroom eager to relieve yourself. When something attacks from behind-knocking you out cold!

 Upon awakening, you find you're in a bathroom quite different from the one you entered. And yes...The door is locked...sigh. Use the walkthrough provided to solve the riddle these ancient spirits are pranking on you. Find the necessary tools to carve your way out of this mess. Then maybe you can get to the bottom of this...That's if we know what's out there!

To Be Continued...

Here's a Walkthrough!

Play Escape 3D: The Bathroom!


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