The Milk Quest

Embark on a feline quest to find the cat some milk in this #PointAndClick adventure! #CatGames #AdventureGames
 Are furry little friend could not ask for much more. Here she is living the live of luxury. Spoiled as could be. Without a worry in the world. Until one morning when Spring sprung.

 Upon awakening, she finds her bowl of milk empty. You can never separate cats from their milk. It's like taking a bone from a dog.

 Help kitty take an adventurous stroll through many enchanted lands, quarries, and caves to search for the Holy Grail-I mean her beloved bottle of milk! Use your mouse to cut a pathway through so she can be on her way.

 When push comes to shove. There's only one thing to think about. I hope she's not lactose intolerant!

Play The Milk Quest!


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