Omega Enfo Bla

Get schooled in the basic instructions of alien invasion in Omega Enfo Bla! #AlienGames #StrategyGames #FlashGames
 You are an alien bound to incinerate the inhabitants of planet Earth. But before you do so, there are quite a handful of riddles to solve. And yes that includes decode the Martian alphabet.

 As a Martian Rockie, you will be trained in the basic elementary teachings of abduction. Before going on your own, these fundamental traits must be mastered before enjoying any type of freedom. Thus, we shall bring you to "Omega Enfo Bla!!!!! An alien's boot camp or better yet, Abduction 101!

Review of Omega Enfo Bla!!!

 The soundtrack is very Sci-Fisque and the imagery has a nice old school flavor reminiscent of a movie projector. The puzzles are quite challenging though not impossible to accomplish. Of course, the soundtrack is not of this world! I find this game uniquely crafted within a UFO-esque backdrop! If you're looking for a convoluted extraterrestrial puzzle to unravel, look no further than "Omega Enfo Bla"!!!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Omega Enfo Bla!


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