The Fancy Pants Adventures Sneak Peak

Check out #BobbyBonte's sneak peek to the console version of #FancyPantsAdventures! #PlatformingGames #AdventureGames #VideoGames
 After the buzz that was set ablaze in creating The Adventures of Fancy Pants both World One and Two, Bobby Borne has now successfully landed a deal with Sony and Microsoft to do one for their respective game consoles. X-Box Live Arcade and PlayStation 3! Prepared for launch this Spring to a store near you!

 To get the hype started, he is giving us a free sample-an appetizer nay foretaste of what to expect from this video game. And don't worry. Nothings changed drastically but at the same token there will be new additions to the drawing board.

 For one thing he now has a sister who needs rescuing-Cutie Pants. And there will be new villains to face! There will be new adventures, obstacle courses, and challenges to undertake. And to top that off, World 3 will be making it's debut on the net shortly thereafter! But for now go to the link below to get a feel for this console emergent!

Play FPA: Sneak Peak!


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