Clearence Big Chance

Help this guy woo this this girl off her socks this #ValentinesDay in Clearence Big Chance! #ValentinesGames
 There's nothing worse than being a mama's boy for over 45 years-pretending to hold a job only to keep from getting kicked out as a dead-beat. And that's exactly what tubby true love has been attempting for 10 years.

 Meet Mr. Clarence-a 40 something single who's not settled in with a girl much less had a date with one. For all of his adult life he has been repulsive from top to bottom. His love life has seen nothing but the hand of utter rejection. But there is a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

 At the age of 47, Mr. Clarence has finally found a girl who's willing to be wooed out of her socks. He has a date and must get ready before 8 tonight sharp. But there are a few obstacles to overcome.

 His mansion is infested with hooligans of every kind. From rats, killer fish, even raging mama's with a vendetta! You must try and defeat or otherwise get around such pests and make the good and necessary preparations to land a success with your date. There are five endings to this story. Each one is dependent on you.

Review of Clearence Big Chance

 This quest will surely bring you on a retrospective journey through the era of regular NES, Super Nintendo, or even Sega Genesis. The soundtracking will give you a sense of nostalgia smothered with a helping of classic church music thrown in the mix. The challenge is just right for anyone looking for an adventurous platformer without the frustration! Clearly "Clarence's Big Chance" shall satiate the desire of many looking for an almost endless extravaganza!

 Other than a few nuanced glitches, I find no fault with this awesome two-dimensional flash game. Enjoy!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

Now go Play Clearence's Big Chance!


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