Cover Orange

Come check out this zany cartoon #PhysicsGame #CoverOrange! #StrategyGames
Cover Orange is a drag-and-drop point-and-click puzzler created by Macwinlinux.

 Help these poor little oranges hide from these malevolent storm clouds who'll rain down balls of spikes and incinerate these manges to a rotten corpse. There are barrels, wheel-cox, and piles of wood at your disposal to both shelter and manipulate your surrounds to keep these oranges fresh!

 As you progress the levels get more harder(dau). But not to fret, the difficulty is reasonable and won't bog you down too much. But if you really need a little tug, Youtube is always there to help.

 Stay tuned for part 2!

Play Cover Orange!

Cover Orange 2 is now up!


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