Treasure of Big Totem 14

Come search for hidden treasure on a tropical island in Treasure of Big Totem 14! #TreasureOfBigTotem #PointAndClick #AdventureGames
 Well it appears Tom Hanks didn't make this scene. Or is that Buddy McKay? Anyways, our quest has brought you to a deserted plane wreck-in the midst of the jungle.

 There is an abundance of clues to seek out. A multitude of riddles to decipher. But as always you must find the answers hidden upon the lips of the natives. Look for a way to feed these guys so they can spit out some info. Otherwise this whole scavenger hunt will end on a sad note and you'll end up as dead as Willis.

Here's a Walkthrough!

To Be Continued...

Play Treasure of Big Totem 14!

(this is part of an 18 episode series of Treasure of Big Totem!) 


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