Mitoza is a #PointAndClick resultant animation by #Baboom! #FlashGames #
 What came first? The seed or the pod? Well, let Bamboom take you on a journey through his zany logic to get you there via his web-toy Mitoza-a point and click resultant animation that is truly out of this world!

 You begin with a seed and are left with two outcomes. Yes, your choices do indeed determine the fate of said pod. Wheather it be a Venus Fly Trap, a television set, or even a poisonous mushroom from Mario Land. The decisions are endless(well almost anyway). All you have to do is point-and-click that cursor upon the desired effect and enjoy the show!

 The animation is proto-realistic and almost human like. With televised visuals and sound-effects, is it any wonder that Baboom is quickly becoming a favorite within the flash gaming arena?

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Mitoza!


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