Starlight Xmas

Figure out the #Christmas patterns in the night sky in this beautiful #ChristmasGame!
 On a clear crisp starlit sky one can only wonder what they'll find. Who would ever think of seeing Christmas emblems in the heavens. But that's exactly the kind of symbolism you'll find in "Starlight Xmas"!

 In here you must rotate the constellations until they manifest a picturesque holiday favorite. For those more inclined to scrutiny, there's an optional Puzzle Edition to decipher with. But for the rest of us, the Classic Edition will do.

 The orchestra is well-done and just adds to the seasonal flare! Especially those bells as they jingle and clang in unison. So if your in the mood for some Christmas cheer, I'd definitely recommend this little trinket!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Starlight Xmas!


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