12 Days of Christmas

Check out the 12 Days of #Christmas with background music consisting of #LastChristmas by #DuramDuram! What better way to start off the month of December with some holiday cheer! "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is an interactive point-and-click strategy by Prid over at escapegames24.com.

 There are 12 consecutive numerals which symbolize the 12 Days of Christmas from the Nativity to the Epiphany. But tonight, those days have gone missing from the calendar. You must help Santa seek out these elusive numbers through a sea of puzzles and riddles. Aid the jolly old fella in rescuing Christmas from the abyss of obscurity.

 The task is fairly simple and to the point. I doubt you'll be needing a walkthrough. But just in case, one is provided within the game. Although the music doesn't sound real Christmasy(maybe I'm wrong), I very much enjoyed the 12 easy mini games corresponding to each number. The graphics were well-done with zany animation! If your not in the mood for a challenge, then "The 12 Days of Christmas" just might be your cup of tea tonight! A walkthrough is provided ingame!


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