Obama and The Ghost of Michael Jackson

This #Christmas help #Obama and the spirit of #MichaelJackson fight the forces of evil in this #PointAndClickAdventure! #ChristmasGames #HalloweenGames
 Anti Claus is poised to ruin Christmas for the children(yes, Santa has an evil clone). Right up to the days leading up to Christmas Eve, he kidnaps and chains Chris Kringle within a gloomy dungeon in his evil lair. If Saint Nick doesn't deliver those presants in time, Xmas will be canceled this year!

 For this reason, the spirit of Michael has beckoned the president of the United States on a long journey in Neverworld-A place where fantasy and reality collide as one. Watch out for lama's and zombies. Do be careful of paparazzi(even in death they can't get enough of Michael Jackson). And while your at it, don't forget to blow Bubbles!

 The Commander and Chief must capture and defeat Anti Claus so this jolly old fella can brighten the faces of billions upon Christmas Morning. And receive autographs by yours truly.

Play Obama and the Ghost of Michael!


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