Christmas Package

Here are four #Christmas #Presents in the form of #ChristmasFlashGames!
Photo by Petr Kratochvil
 I'd totally forgot all about my Friday specials this month. But to make it up, here's a little present I've prepared in advance-a Christmas package if you will.

#1 Lino In Christmas

Check out #FredRutenburgs #Christmas #AdventureGame #LinoInChristmas!
 Everybody remembers Lino? One of Fred Rutenburg's ongoing mascots. Well this time, Lino is looking for a way home for the holidays. But first he must help the townsfolk solve their dilemma. Will you help Lino get home on time?

Play Lino In Christmas


#2 Escape From Santa's Room

Here' is a Japanese #Christmas #RoomEscape by #TesshiE! #ChristmasGames
 Tassi-E has done it again! Only this time with a room-escape geared more for the Holidays. As always, you find yourself in the most peculiar places-in Santa's vacation home. And out of all the night's it's got to be Christmas Eve! So you'd better hurry up before he skips your roof-top back home. 

Play Escape From Santa's Room

#3 Snowing

Check out Snowing, a #ChristmasGame by #48Works! #Christmas #HolidayGames
 What's worse then locking yourself out on a cold snowy December night and facing morbid snowmen and killer snow-whales? Well, leaving your keys on the kitchen counter, and this is exactly what happened! Now you must find a way to sneak back in.

 Well for me, I'd rather be conspiring by the fire on Christmas Eve with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Click here to play Snowing!

#4 Gift Wrapped

Figure out which #Present goes where in this #ChristmasPuzzleGame! #ChristmasGames
 Last but not least Niterome has released their very own spice for the Holiday Season(well actually back in 2006). There are multiple gifts laying around. You must match the corresponding present with the picture shown. Go knock yourselves out and...

Play Gift Wrapped!

 That's about all she wrote for this year. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!:)


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