Abroy-Christmas Mystery

You Must #Escape this #GingerbreadHouse before #ChristmasMorning! #ChristmasGames
 Why you get yourself into these glitches is beyond me. It's Christmas Eve and somebody has locked you into some kids Ginger Bread scene. However, there are clues and riddles graciously left behind for you to delve right into while sipping on your favorite cup of egg nog.

 A lovely tune to "Silent Night" plays in the background though a trusty ol' switch is provided to nudge the sound off. The graphics are fairly dynamic and well thought out. To me, the challenge aspect is just about right. Although nothing spectacular, Christmas Mystery will surely exercise your noodle this Holiday Season!

Christmas Mystery Walkthrough

1. Go right twice and zoom in to get glass from cookies and milk and zoom out.

2. Go right and zoom into reindeer's. Take note of the leading reindeer then zoom out.

3. Now go right and click on first cabinet knob and punch in RUDOLF-Retrieve scissors and zoom out.

4. Click on second cabinet knob and match the picture to get hammer then zoom out.

5. Now click and zoom into the snow-globe and note the pattern to the letters.

6. Now zoom out and click on third cabinet knob. Match the colors for MERRY CHRISTMAS exactly as you saw them on the Snow-Globe. Code below:



7. Now zoom out and head right and click on couch. Note color pattern to knots.

8. Now head back to the kitchen and click on fourth cabinet and solve puzzle and get first Santa. Code below:




9. Zoom into present below and use scissors to retrieve third Santa.

10. Now head right and zoom into tree. Use hammer to smash left-most civil ball to get 2nd Santa.

11. Go right twice and zoom into Santa's Sleigh and give him milk. In exchange he'll give you the fourth Santa.

12. Now zoom out and click the reindeer's and insert the block to get a fifth Santa.

13. Now go back left and click the reef.

14. Insert all Santa's in their proper place and retrieve the key.

15. Now go right and use key on front door.

Your Out! Merry Christmas!

Play Abroy-Christmas Mystery!


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