Submachine 7-The Core

Let #MateuszSkutnik immerse you in his work with Submachine 7 - The Core! #PointAndClickGames #Submachine
 Mateusz Skutnik has just launched the seventh installment to his now famous Submachine Series surnamed "The Core".

 After battling through many trials and tests, Murtaugh thought it prudent to reveal to us the secret of the chambers. That is, instant transportation without a device. However, you must still go through many horrid corridors and solve mind blistering riddles if you ever would like to see the light of day.

 As always, use the Arrow Keys to navigate about the premises. There is still more to come from Skutnik so stay tuned. Rumor has it that Submachine 8: The Plan will commence sometime in 2011!

[[Submachine 8 is now up]]

Submachine 7 Review

 With every episode Matt will immerse you within a lucid virtual chamber. Full of mystery and intrigue! The graphics resemble a bit too much of previous installments. But the magic is still as powerful as ever and will fill you with a sense of exploratory execution!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a Walkthrough!

Now play Submachine 7!

This is part of the Submachine Series!


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