Thanksgiving Day Escape!

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Here is a #TurkeyDay #PointAndClick #RoomEscape by #123Bee! #ThanksgivingGames
 Good news! I've finally got back my beloved computer from the emergency ward. Due to an infectious virus(I know it stinks). I couldn't ever finish my last issue of "Frankin Friday" on October 29th(the last Friday before Halloween). But to make that up to y'all, I've got something to offer this Thanksgiving after all.

 Check out "Thanksgiving Escape"-a point-and-click room escape by 123Bee! According to the tale, you've been detained by local Indian tribes in battle. Your only hope is to find a subtle way to evade the chief or else you too will be offered on the Thanksgiving Table-in place of the traditional turkey(yikes)!


1. Turn right and get the knife from your uniform.

2. Get the candle.

3. At the same screen click the roof(middle wood) and get the rod.

4. Turn right and get plate next to cauldron.

5. Move the cauldron to the right side.

6. Light up the wood with the candle.

7. Go left and get the cookie from the middle pot on the middle shelf.

8. At the same screen, click the right side of the roof(where the planks of wood cross) and get the stone weapon.

9. At the door screen, click the left side of the roof(where the wood crosses) and get the rope.

10. Break the lock of the small door with the stone weapon.

11. Go to the window and throw the cookie to the turkey(second right window). The turkey will come closer.

12. go back to the small door and use rope on the turkey.

13. Take the turkey in and cut it with the knife(to preserve it).

14. Now use iron rod on the turkey.

15. Cook the turkey on the fire.

16. Put the turkey on the plate.

17. Now the locals tribesmen won't bother to eat you!

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Now play Thanksgiving Day Escape!


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