Here is a creepy #PointAndClick #FlashGame by #SelfDefiant called Abandoned! #HalloweenGames
 Just down the street is an old Victorian style mansion with 300 acres of land just over the hilltop. Legend has it that "he who dwells within these walls shall wander in darkness for all eternity." There have been numerous reports of folks entering those gates never to be seen nor heard from again.

 Rumors abound that the spirits cast the living into a Parallel Universe where nothing but endless corridors and gloom rein. And so on this Halloween Night, you and your friends set out to debunk this folklore once and for all.

 The whole investigation turned out negative-not a peep of supernatural activity to be found. Now it's time to head back into the lab. But before packing up in the basement, an eerie mist comes fourth from the corner of your eye.

 Within minutes, the mist became as dark as night and enveloped the crew. But when it cleared, know one was to be found. Worst yet, the surroundings have changed!

To Be Continued!!!

Also check out Abandoned 2 and Abandoned 3!

Here's a Walkthrough!


Now Play Abandoned!


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