Skin & Bones Chapter 2

Join Skin and Bones as they journey throuth the town of Screamville! #HalloweenGames #SpookyGames #HalloweenFunGames After trampling down his foes at Freaky Forest, Skin can no longer be "Mr. Big Shot". Behold Skull has now led them unto a more darker sinister side of the world. A dark forest filled with blind bats, fiery pits, and the walking dead! May I welcome you to Skull's side of town-that is "Scream-Ville"!

 Seek out all of the emperor's lost jewels throughout this dreaded canopy. Each course has a trick up it's own sleeve. Use Skull head to annihilate all the monsters and clear a path for Skinny Boy to attain the gems. Collect additional coins for more points.

 Controlling these two knuckle heads is a breeze! Like before, just press CTRL to jump, Space to swap characters, and the Right Left Arrow Keys to move about.

 Now maybe next time Skinny boy won't be so puffed-up with pride. Let this be a valuable lesson from the crypt!

To Be Continued...

Play Skin and Bones: Chapter 2!

Skin and Bones: Ch. 3 is now up!


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