Skin & Bones Chapter 1

Join Skin and Bones as they journey across the land of the living and the dead! #HalloweenGames #SpookyGames #HalloweenFunGames A wicked wizard from the East captured two rivals(respective warriors) from the land of the living and the dead. Both realms were governed by their respective kings. One-the perfect specimen of a ruler. The other-not so much. While locked away in a cold leaky dungeon, these former enemies got along quite well.

 When along came the dreaded wizard with a proposition! With his outstretched signet ring, he promised to release them only if they collect all the gems he unwittingly scattered across the land of the living and the dead. Why he did that, I don't know.

 Now you and Bones must scurry first through the Freaky Forest. Use the Arrow Keys to move, Spacebar to swap characters, and CTRL to jump. Only Skin can retrieve the gems while Mr. Bones is not only immune but can demolish his foes.

 Skin feels so cocky he can face the music. However, his courage will quickly melt once he sees what lies ahead.

To Be Continued...

Play Skin and Bones Chapter 1!

Skin and Bones: Chapters Two and Three are now up!


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