Skin & Bones Chapter 3

A snapshot of Skin and Bones Chapter 3 Future City! #HalloweenGames #SpookyGames #HauntedGames After venturing through your somewhat spooktacular neck of the woods-that is Freaky Forrest, Mr. Bones brought us to his little Scream-Ville. But to his utter shock, "Future City" is an unfamiliar world to both of them.

 In here, robots rule the Universe! From spikey balls to metallic shooters, Lazy Bones needs a few extra tricks up his sleeve to overcome these metal pests. Be wary of Speedy Candelas as he makes his rounds.

 In a demanding demeanor, the emperor points to the metropolis. Shouting..."Give me back my gems or face everlasting life within chains!" So you two go fourth into uncharted territory, hoping one day to be free from indentured servitude!

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