Robot Wants Ice Cream

Help robot to fight these beasts to give the doggy some ice cream in Robot Wants Ice Cream! #OnlineGames #RetroGames #PlatformingGames #RobotGames #FlashGames
 After giving those thugs a Fish, Doggy repents and makes up with Kitty. However, kitty has nursed a grudge all these years and refuses to give this pup a second chance.

 And so after numerous attempts at reconciliation, Mr. Robot had no choice but to cast this kitty(the one he saved from those merciless thugs) into the open recesses of Outer Space(though he shed a tear). Now Kitty will spend the rest of her existence getting what she so eagerly wanted. A life of bitterness, hatred, and self-loathing resentment.

 Meanwhile, our robot decided to take his pup for some ice cream(though he didn't deserve it after what he'd done to the cat). But to their utter shock, Planet Zoe had been temporarily intruded by their arch nemesis. His minions have scattered about the four corners of the land. Pressing them on for just one more battle. To make matters worse, they've hid all the planets goodies-ice cream up the yin yang!

Now the robot must fight these beasts for the inheritance which he'll freely give to this charming little puppy!

[And just like last time, the controls have not changed. Yes. There will be new upgrades to plug-ins as you progress]

Play Robot Wants Ice Cream!

This is all part of the Robot Wants Series!


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