Ghosts Revenge

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 One fateful night, a half-drunken man traverses carelessly down a neighborhood street. In the process, hitting a dear lady to her death. He was too drunk to realize what hit him. So onward the man drives to party with the other delinquents(who've slain their fair share of victims) without a single thought of what took place. Absolutely no remorse for killing an innocent woman.

 But luckily it's Halloween Night. A night when the boundaries of the dead and the living become obscure. And tonight she will take this advantage to repay evil for evil in this spot the difference puzzle.

 With a trusty mouse at hand, try and find subtle peculiarities between the two pictures shown. Each level represents a new stage as the plot thickens(and things get a bit more challenging too). But no need to worry. A choice between hints or no hints is provided.

 She as well as many other ghosts will get their just revenge. There is plenty of evidence to put these thugs behind bars. Trouble is, where's a cop when you need him? I'm sure the spirits will fill in that gap. Just wait and see!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

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