Graveyard Golf

Come play a little #PuttPuttGolf with the dead in Graveyard Golf! #HalloweenGames #FlashGames #GolfGames There is a time and place hidden well into the night watches. When all mortals sleep and the lamp of noon is nowhere to be found. Where dead corpses rest from their weary existence. Except for this very night.

 The spirits from the Netherworld have been beckoned once more to roam from their cryptid tents. Join in on the fun as these skeletons play one more round of golf before retiring to bed for the year. Only they call it "Graveyard Golf".

 With that trusty ol mouse in hand, swing your heart into it! Just e mindful of creepy arachnids and dead retention ponds. There are 18 holes in all(splits into 2 parts). Try and make as many "holes-in-one" possible. The main objective is to aim for the highest score!

 I was hoping for more nemesis crawling upon the golf course(dracula, wolfman, even spectors now and then). Regardless, the horrendous soundtrack coupled with it's Halloween-esque feel make this a must play for all you #Halloween nerds out there!

Ratings: 4.9 Stars!

[For an Easter version of Putt-Putt Golf, check out Easter Gulf!

Now play Graveyard Golf!


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