Mario Ghosthouse

In Mario Ghosthouse One and Two, #Mario must contend with a bunch of #Boos and save his brother #Luigi! #HalloweenGames
 Mario received a brochure in the mail of a spacious 9,000 square foot home on top a lucid hill. All for just a steal-$395(that's hundreds not thousands)! Why he didn't learn from his mistakes, one can only guess.

 Mario has been deceived once again! He must wonder aimlessly through many rusted platforms and cryptic corridors collecting coins and Yoshi Tokens to open up secret passageways to hopefully get the heck out of here!

 The controls are very simple and straight-forward. The Arrow Keys are all there really is to it. Beware of boos hogging up the hallways and don't blame Lukitu for being malevolent. You see, these jerks have hexed him in the afterlife. Oh wait. That's his evil brother. You'll even bump into D.K.'s corrupt twin-who also passed on.

 How relevant to select the Castle Theme from Super Mario World! The sinister flavor and suspense blend real well for the Ghosthouse. The boos might need a little touch-up. Plus it might be a bit short(and familiar) for some. But otherwise a splendid trip down memory lane so appropriate for this time of year!

Ratings: 4.2 Stars!

Play Mario Ghosthouse!

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