Robot Wants Puppy

Help robot retrieve puppy in Robot Wants Puppy! #2DPlatformer #OnlineGames #FlashGames #RetroGames #RobotGames
 After rescuing our furry little friend, it appears a puppy is in need of assistance as well. But thankfully, Kitty has a few tricks up her sleeve.

 However just like last time, he must collect a few more skills and passports along the way. And this time there will be more malevolent bots and gooey creatures to fair with. Yet there is one thing on his side. Kitty does the work for him.

 Press Z and X to jump and shoot(now you can also hit the Upper Arrow Key to jump), the left right Arrow Keys for maneuvering, and the Upper Key to float. To every gamers delight, Mr. Robot has perpetual lives! Meaning---It ain't game over man...So knock yourselves out!:)

Play Robot Wants Puppy!

This is all part of the Robot Wants Series!


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