Robot Want's Kitty

Help robot rescue kitty from the clutches of evil! #2DPlatformer #RetroGaming #RobotGames
 All robots are mechanical. They function on dry logic, numbers, and computation. With nothing to drive them except high voltage.
All except for this one-of-a-kind android.

 This little bot(bless his little heart) has a weak spot for helpless little kittens. And it just so happens a bunch of nasty little baddies have surrounded her on every side. Even prodding Mr. Auto on a challenge. Yet her helpless squeals for help keeps him going!

 But first he must acquire quite a few basic maneuvers before advancing on. Use the Arrow Keys to move(back and forth). Press Z to jump, X to fire, and repetitively hit the corresponding Arrow Key(right or left) to get a boost. Other abilities further down the road will allow you access through various doors around this 2-D maze.

 Watch out for those villains! Who crawl about from platform to platform. Weather it be those red dumbos or blue octos vertically floating in mid air. And yes. You'll have to contend with a few nemesis along the way. Geesh! All that for just a feline? I wonder what's in store for that puppy?

To Be Continued...

Play Robot Wants Kitty!

This is all part of the Robot Wants Series!


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