Robot Wants Fishy

Help the robot fetch a fish and give it to the cat. #FlashGames #OnlineGames #RobotGames
 Robot thought it swell to give his new-found fur-ball a companion to play with. But as the years went by, doggy thought it clever to chase Kitty around. And over time, he was greatly feared as a bully.

 So Mr. Robot had to think of something fast to appease their enmity. In evaluating the galaxy, he spotted a fish upon the planet Zarbon. However like the inhabitants of prier destinations, the creatures living on this world are very aggressive and malevolent! Not only so, but skillfully aquatic.

 Off he goes to the ends of the universe just to get these two back together. Geesh! The things we do for love.

[As with past installments, the controls are pretty much identical. As he progresses, there will be new abilities to achieve]

Play Robot Wants Fishy!

This is all part of the Robot Wants Series!


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