The Aventures of Mr. Snoozleburg

Check out this 8-part #PointAndClick adventure series on a sleepwalking diplomat by #Sarbakan.
 You'll never know what to expect with a Chronic Sleepwalker. Who happens to be a world renown diplomat who's crucial presence keeps humanity from crumbling on itself(not!).

 Whether it be with astronauts, prime ministers, or even Santa Claus, nothing will stop Snoozy from doing what he does best-except you and your omnipresent intervention(that's right, your playing God here)!

 There are currently 8 episodes filled with headaches and perils that must be avoided if Mr. Snoozleberg wants to live to see another day(he won't know what hit em).

1. The Inauguration-Steer Mr. Snoozy back under the covers before the big day he inaugurates the Trance-Continental Express!

2. The Award Ceremony-Hollywood surely needs this diplomat. But will he make it? His fate is in your hands!

3. First Contact-The whole world leans on Snoozy's shoulders. As he is expected to represent the United Nations to these close encounters of the third kind(if he'll make it is another story)!

4. The Great Escape-A Middle Eastern king thinks it prudent to let Snoozleberg babysit Prince Allie for the weekend(with advance tickets for two to go to Disneyland Bahrain). But will he survive the whole ordeal?

5. The Winter Games-The Winter Olympics are well under way. And the Russians are counting on him to keep everything held together. However, the snoozy diplomat has crippling issues of his own. You think he can make it? You be Fate's helper!

6. The Voyage In Time-A few respected scientists were conducting an experiment to study the theory of time travel. You guessed it! Mr. Snoozleberg winds up sleepwalking right into their machine(from a nearby residence) and is sent to the age of the dinosaurs! Now we must find a way to get him back in time!

7. The Undersea Adventure-During a marine expedition, Snoozy losses conscience and sleepwalks among a school of fish. Help him get back to ground base and away from harms way!

8. The Science of Madness-Mr. Snoozy wanders into another science lab filled with toxins and other hazardous material. The question remains...Will you intervene for his safety of let him stagger aimlessly in peril?

Ratings: 5 Stars!


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