End of Year Escape

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 It's about that time of year again when old habits die hard and New Years Resolutions are ever before us-bidding to be carried out throughout the new year.

 For some, it's an excuse to pig-out before committing to any long-term diet. For others, this is the time to party your brains out! Still many don't really have anything planned except to maybe gobble-down a chug of Egg Nog over a 24-hour 3 Stooges marathon(that'll be me lol).

 So if your stuck at home on New Years Eve, why not toggle with something relevant while your waiting for the big Ball to come landing down upon Times Square! How about a little Japanese room escape to go along with your cheese.

 O.K. Since your in a hurry to see the big countdown, I promise this won't be long. Just a few steps and your out the door. Deal?

 As always, a mouse will be handy to collect and store items within your inventory. And let's not forget, someone has stuffed you in this pixel room on New Years Eve. Needless to say, you must outsmart this faggot and escape before 12 midnight-the dawn of the new year(and Decade)!

 I felt this to be a little dry with any background music to be heard. The text is foreign(it being a Japanese game) with no accompanying English. Other then that, the game is fine!

Ratings; 4.0 Stars!

End of Year Escape Walkthrough

1. Go right twice and click the bottom part of the oven and get a crowbar.

2. In the trashcan is the present-Take it.

3. Go right and zoom in to click on the right side of the bookcase-Get scissors.

4. Use the crowbar to remove board under TV and zoom in to get key.

5. Use scissors on present to get cake.

6. Go right and use key on chest to get mallet.

7. Go right and use mallet on big vase in front of tree.

8. Click the back part of the tree where the vase was(TAB key is a help here) and get fork.

9. Use fork on cake to get key.

10. Go left and use key on door.

Bingo! Your out!!!

Play End of Year Escape!

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