Christmas Mini Room Escape 3

Check out #Neutrals third installment to the#ChristmasMiniRoom series! #ChristmasGames
 For three straight Holiday Seasons, Neutral has never failed to surprise us with another stocking-stuffer...And part three to the Christmas Mini Room Escape is no exception to their artistry!

Click Here to play both part one and part two.


 O.K. So this year you went on a ski trip to the Himalaya's. What's more? A fox stands sheepishly in your path-steering you out of control into a snowy shrub.

 Finally after several hours, you muster your strength and arise. Immediately coming to the realization-your not on the same plane of existence!

 Search for clues and find your way out of this tangled mess. There is an ancient riddle you must solve. That's all you know at this stage. Hopefully this light the riddle exclaims will lead you back home for The Holidays.

Christmas Mini Room Escape 3 Review

 As always, Neutral does a wonderful job-captivating the essence of the Christmas spirit. Within each episode lies a serendipitous ending even the most cynical would not see coming. Accompanied with a little Christmas nursery-rhyme from a music-box. You too will be amazed at what Neutral has in store!

 Obviously, he deserves an A+ for outstanding artistry and outcome! I can't wait to see what he has in mind for next Christmas!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Here's a thorough Walkthrough by Prid!

Play Christmas Mini Room Escape 3!


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