Kmart's Haunted House

Let #KMart get you into the #Halloween spirit in their version of a #HauntedHouse! #SpookyGames What do you get when Halloween and Kmart bump into each other? I'll tell ya! A 3D platforming adventure for the kids-"Kmart's Haunted House".

 Freddy Kruger(or at least a wannabe) has locked you in some old rickety mansion. While out Trick-Or-Treating, an old house on a hilltop caught your eye. Some strange force drew the whole crew of you up that loathsome mount-right up to the doorstep where it slightly cracked open. Regretfully, all of you wondered into the foyer-until it was too late!

 Suddenly, the door slams shut and locks on it's own! An evil laugh pervades throughout the mansions corridors. At first, panic arrests your body like a stray-jacket! But then a deceased victim shows you what you must do to escape Freddy's little house on Elmer Rd.

 Choose between a wide selection of Halloween costumes. From a ballerina to a skeleton sailor(great marketing ploy by the way). Use the Arrow Keys to steer your character in whichever direction. Hit the Spacebar to collect items for your inventory. You must destroy this cheap impersonator of Freddy Kruger, find the key to the front door, and get the heck out of there!

 Be careful of restless spirits, blood-thirsty bats, and other malevolent beings residing in this forsaken dwelling. For they will erode on your energy levels until you fall flat on your face(yet munching on Halloween candy will recover any damages done). Some are friendly spirits who either want to be tucked in for the night, have a satisfying midnight snack, beak-away from a hex, or simply to let their imaginations run loose with a souvenir.

 Your score depends on how fast the game is completed. So it's prudent to be prompt and outta there. Besides who would want to waste time lagging behind in a haunted manor when there's free candy for the offing?

Haunted House Review

 I found this to be a smart maneuver(by Kmart) to leverage customers. Seeing the internet is where it's at nowadays! "Haunted House" is their way of luring clients to buy Halloween costumes(though most of them are wimpy in my opinion).

 The controls were a bit tough to bite at first. But they sunk in after a while. The theme song is in every way relevant to the season. Though a mute option is available on the bottom right. To sum this whole review up, I've found another online Halloween game worth digging into!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Kmart Haunted House!


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