Alice Is Dead-Chapter 1

Here is Alice Is Dead Chapter 1 by #Hypnoses! #HalloweenGames #HorrorGames
 From the studios of Hypnosis comes "Alice Is Dead". A darker sketch to the famous Disney film-Alice In Wonderland By Mike M.


 You remember the looking-glass hole? This is where Alice was transported unto a Utopian paradise-filled with imagination and charm! Toys glistened and everything had life. Whether it be marching card lieutenants or library books with an attitude, this Wonderland had Disney written all over it!

 Their version consisted of the red queen being defeated and peace restored to the kingdom. The white queen was once again enthroned and everyone lived happily ever after. However, there's a darker side to that tale. A shady edge that'll even make Disney blush.

 Apparently, Alice never made it out of Wonderland. But starved to death! You have no idea on how you got there. Within a hollow of subliminal messages, you must find a way out of this nightmare or you'll end up being just like her-skull and bones!

 All you need is a mouse and a pair of thinking caps. Your objective is to find out who you are. The answer may shock you!

 So...Really! Who are you? And why are you here amongst a cryptic atmosphere? Find out on the next chapter of "Alice Is Dead"!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

To Be Continued...

Play Alice is Dead Ch. 1!


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