A Halloween Horror

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 "A Halloween Horror" is a platforming game sponsored by Armor Games and Newgrounds from Josh Tam.


 It's the middle of October. Like any other school night, Stevie tucks himself into bed. Knowing fair well a pop quiz must be taken the next day before the long Columbus Day Weekend ahead. He couldn't wait to get out of school to enjoy the Fall weather and foliage. But that night, something peculiar happened to young Stevie.

 Upon waking up, he finds himself in some eerie gloomy dimension-Filled with malevolent apparitions and death-shrieking noises. Ghosts and goblins, witches and zombies, skeletons and mean-spirited elves lurk within this plan of existence.

 An old man admonishes you to obtain 4 pieces of the sorcerers crystal and combine them if he wants to escape this haunted wilderness. It took a while for Stevie to realize he was an apparition himself.

 So you must help young Stevie to find the four pieces to the crystal ball or wind up in the same fate as that old man! There are many platforms and portals to explore and navigate. Collect the red hearts to recuperate your strength. Obtain the shooting power and boot to more effectively destroy these creatures of the night. Get as many stars to score higher points. Just keep a wary eye on that life meter. Once it runs out, down you go into the Hadean World.

A Halloween Horror Review

 I believe the sound effects could of been done a little better(in cue of a Halloween spirit). There wasn't even any creepy background music to accompany your quest(except a few eerie sound effects).

 The gameplay was awesome(though nothing to knock you off your socks). I loved the flexibility they allow with the controls(from the options menu). There's nothing more nerve racking then remembering if A or W is for jumping.

 All in all, you will enjoy "A Halloween Horror". But don't expect something off the heezy. Just a spooktacular to arouse your anticipation for Halloween!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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