Tower Of Greed

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 Coming from is a fresh retrospective 2-D platforming adventure game hosted by


 Mr. Smurf here clearly has an unsatiated obsession to accumulate all he can before death takes him. His main objective has clouded the very center of rational thinking. Even to the point of laying his life upon the alter of bling-bling(well, at least figuratively anyway).

Ah what the heck! collect all the diamonds and rubies your heart desires(and don't forget about those tender notes). But you must be quick and wary of a few gizmo's trying to spoil all your fun. A little extra time will land you in the gutter below.

 Use the Arrow keys to move and the spacebar to jump. Just in case your wrist gets limp, you can always press the P button. When you think you've had enough, go through one of the exits[press up when there], and enter your name to see how high you've reached on the score board.

As Daffy Duck so aptly put it, "I'm a coward, but I'm a greedy coward".

Tower Of Greed Review

 Why not go back to old-school and develop a little something that could've easily fit right into 1988? Well, that's what flash gamers are yearning for nowadays and Tower Of Greed satifies that need quite nicely. Weather it be the background music or 2D play, every inch gives you the feel of an NES game.

 My only pet peeve is the lack of variety and over-redundancy on each course. But the challenge sure makes up for that loop(though an easier mode option would be best to appease all your prospects). It took me a few tries to get used to this platform. All in all, I strongly recommend you give "Tower Of Greed" a try!

Ratings: 4.5 Stars!

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