Panic Breakout

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Panic Breakout!
 "Panic Breakout" is a modern retro-styled reinterpretation of the classic game we all grew-up loving. Produced by Taro Ito-A Japanese flash game developer who works for Gamedesign.

 Basically, it's what you'd expect from a traditional Break-Out game except for a few twists and turns bells and whistles.

 An oriental smiley(as opposed to a stick) is playing hockey against a bunch of bricks in black and white(needless to say, everything smiles at you in an oriental restaurant).

 All you need is a mouse and good hand-eye coordination. As with all Break-Outs, your goal is to destroy all bricks with your dot to proceed to the next course. Be sure to collect those hearts, P's, stars, and Roman numerals those bricks might throw at you. But steer clear of gas masks(they shrink your little smiley).

 I can't tell you how many levels there are as I've only made it to the 6th course. But I'm sure you will if you keep at it. Good luck!

Panic Breakout Review

 The soundtracks give you a taste of Japanese pixel sound tracking for video games(where Super Mario Bros. was born). Combine that with a simplistically artistic black and white platform and you've got a rendition which quintessentially does justice to the original Break-Out series! My hat goes off to Taro Ito for a well done job in reinterpreting an age-old classic!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Panic Breakout!

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