Blue Beanie

Here is a surreal #PointAndClick #Interactive #AdventureGame by #DaphneLee!
 From the studios of RMIT across the globe(in Melbourne, Australia) comes a point-and-click nursery game from Daphne Lee's imagination.

 Just in case your wondering, a beanie is what Australian's often refer to as a Winter hat to keep warm. In this context, our little fella loses what's most dear to him. So he will climb ten-thousand hills just to find his favorite hat.

 Ever since the little white guy was little, he'd cling to that blue beanie whenever a predator, a thunderstorm, or even the boogie man would frighten him. Even when it was hot outside, you'd never catch him without his little beanie.

 Well, he never grew out of that phase. To this day, he still sleeps with his blue beanie. But one day would prove his love for a little cotton ball. For somebody stole his little bundle of joy. And you must help him search far and wide for that beloved blue beanie.

 All you'll be needing is a mouse to do your point-and-clicking frenzy and a keen eye to investigate the subtle clues which lead to it's whereabouts[hint: Whenever that cursor become a hand, click it and see what it does.]

Blue Beanie Review

 I was quite amazed by the simple storyline and child-like animation. It's almost as if it came directly from a children's storybook. The fantastic surreal art piece is a another aspect to be praised. So realistic, you could almost walk right into the motion picture. I give Daphne a thumbs-up for delivering such a simplified story we can all relate to one way or another.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Blue Beanie!


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