Gamma Brothers

Gamma Brothers is a #FirstPersonShooter by #PixelJam.
 "Gamma Brothers" is a retro space first-person shooter by Pixeljam-An independent game studio fast becoming a blockbuster on the web!


 Memorial Day is just around the corner. Their family is planning a juicy steak cookout complete with hot buttery bake potato, ripe corn on the cob, freshly tossed salad, grandmas warm and scrumptious dinner rolls, and tacky key lime pie! Clearly, this was no time to be fighting crime.

 But tell that to the forces of Jupiter! Unfortunately, the Gamma Brothers have been called to duty this holiday weekend to defend our Goldilocks Zone against the many terrorists who pitch their tents among the many moons of The Gas Giants.

 Yet there is hope of being dismissed just in time for grandmas sweet lemonade and key lime pie. That is why it's imperative that you help these brothers fight the good fight in honor of Earth, Mars, and Venus.

 Use the Arrows to move and WASD to shoot in the direction of the antagonist. Collect as much gadgets as you can find among the debris of fallen enemies. Grandma nay the whole family is counting on these Gamma Brothers to faithfully administer their duties and come home to a well-deserved savory feast. All in their honor.

Gamma Brothers Review

 As with all of Pixeljam's games, "Gamma Brothers" contains an element of nostalgia we've all come to admire. From firing at aliens with that green-shedded knee to it's two-dimensional layout and overall execution reminiscent of Asteroids and many other classics of the video arcade era. Game play is smooth, addicting, and retro-active to say the least. All the more worthy of your time and play!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Happy Memorial Day!

Play Gamma Brothers!


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