Adventures of Gunther The Wiggi

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Adventures of Grunther the Wiggi!
 From the studios of Wiggi World nestled deep within the British Isles, I bring to you "The Adventures of Gunther The Wiggi"-A 2 dimensional platforming game adventure.


 Guide little Wiggi on an odyssey across the open wilderness through many treacherous swamps, forests, rivers, and subterranean waterfalls. Our little friend is embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

 Use the Arrows to dictate his every move and jump(hit the upper arrow to double-jump). Whenever you see that exclamation mark shinning on top of your head, that means Wiggi needs guidance so banding the Spacebar will give him(and you) the direction he needs.

 Like all created beings within the Universe, our little shrub-head is just searching for the true meaning of life.

Adventures Of Gunther The Wiggi Review

 The very fabric of this side-scrolling yet detailed platformer is very well put together regarding the special effects and animation. Those sound-effects have a metallic distinct flavor to them.

 One thing that sort of bothered me was having to reset the whole game if just one object is missing from your inventory. My advise is to keep it as user-friendly as possible while laying the meat upon the immediate game play. But if you take that bummer out of the equation, "The Adventures of Gunther The Wiggi" will definitely not bore you!

Ratings: 4.0 Stars!

Play Adventure of Grunthi the Bear!


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