Pizza City

Here is a #Retro #Simulater by #PixelJam.
 From Pixeljam(the creators of Dino Run) comes a retro-active strategic Simulator by the name of "Pizza City". Hosted by[Just to assure you, there's no hint of any sexually explicit material in here, nor anything vulgar or untasteful to spoil the experience].


 "Times are tough"-So says many employers in cushy seats. It doesn't matter if you've waited on them hand-and-foot all these years. When the line bottoms-out, all that matters is their bottom-line. And it's always the little people that get the reject button.

 Luckily for you, Tony has just opened up a pizzeria a block down the street. Because of your New York Italian accent, he hires you full-time right off the bat. Agreeing to pay you $25.50 by the hour{plus tips, raises, and benefits) as a pizza delivery boy. An offer you couldn't resist.

 Your job is to shuttle as many pizza deliveries as quickly as you can(hot and in one piece). But do mind those jay-walking pedestrians(I guess it's legal around here) and other fellow drivers on the road. Too many road-rage incidences will send you on a high-speed chase with the police. The only exception would-be to take a bite out of city crime[e.g. clowns and burglars].

 The faster you get it delivered with minimal damage, the bigger your tip jar. Just be careful cause people are crazy around here. Just use the Arrow Keys to steer your car and the Spacebar to pause to check out your menu. When you've accumulated enough cash, go ahead and purchase a few upgrades(like a new car)! Besides, as they always say around here "the customer is always right".

Pizza City Review

 True to Pixeljam's signature is the old school NES(a.k.a Atari) flavor permeated throughout it's classic 8-bit design and decibel soundtrack. With many square-miles to master, you will easily get tempted to wonder off from your sense of duty and explore the many boulevards, cull-de-sacs, and intersections the town has to offer. The only problem, you only have so much gas. But the adventure is well worth the trip(well, maybe not so much with the gas prices).

 The only problem I see is the lack of a compass or map pin-pointing your location and destination. It's hard enough driving around town with a bunch of maniacs with five-and-dime license plates. A Global Navigational System would so expiate the process. But besides that trivial issue, I thoroughly enjoyed the fully detailed graphics and the ultimate freedom to roam around town. Besides, they don't call these games simulators for nothing.

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play Pizza City!


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