Escape From Island

A snapshot of the island you must escape from in this #PointAndClick #FlashGame! #AdventureGames Another cleverly designed point-and-click adventure from Asteck-An Oriental game developer from the isle of Japan. Exclusively specializing in flash games.


 You've entered a dead zone. A place where compasses reel in all directions and storms never get detected on radar. A spot where legends proclaim the Universal laws of nature are never bound. My friend. You have entered the realm of The Bermuda Triangle and crashed your vessel upon a remote island-not found on any map.

 Let your little mouse guide you through the corridors of this mystical island-full of secret passageways and subliminal messages. There are many tools and objects littered upon the ground(as if thrown down as bread-crumb trails). These items will come in handy as you find your rout of escape.

You'll never guess what's waiting for you at the end of your quest.

Escape From Island Review

A very thought-provoking strategy-inducer. The graphics are well knit together though nothing new under the sun.

But the lack of music does leave one on edge(until a sound-effect jolts you back out of your stupor). Other then maybe a few quips they could improve, I think Asteck has done a fine job usurping a point-and-click brain-teaser.

Ratings: 4.3 Stars!

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