The Great Living Room Escape

Here is the great Livingroom Escape by #Kochaski and #MateuszSkutnik.
 After feeling like such a dewfus in the kitchen(a.k.a The Great Kitchen Escape), you come forth into the living room and realize somebody's taking advantage of your stupidity. It's either that or a cat scan.

 "The Great Living Room Escape" is number two in our series of "The Great House Escape". Produced by Kochaski and the man behind "The Submarine Room-Escape Series".

 Get ready to crack your knuckles and launch those mouse-pads for another round of point-and-click adventure! To start off, Mr. Parana here is teasing you to the beat of a homemade stopwatch. While your key of escape stares helplessly up at you. Now to find a alternative way of getting eatin' alive...hmm(scratches head)?

 There are quite a few zany tools you could use to distract mister fishy. Store them in your inventory files which are conveniently located near the top. Encroached within a few transparent bobbles. This is remarkably easy. Within two minutes, you should be done.

The Great Living Room Escape Walkthrough

1. Click the third drawer, get rubber.

2. Go right, click on the left piece of broken pair of glasses below couch.

3. Click on drink, collect straw.

4. Go right, click on globe, grab a can that has blue and red color on it.

5. Click on string beside right curtain.

6. Go right, get hamster, umbrella, and bottle of Steroids.

7. Go right, now in your inventory, connect the half eye glass to the straw(a snorkel is formed).

8. Connect rope to umbrella(a fishing rod develops).

9. Connect the hamster to the steroids(Which makes him hyper).

10. Give the hamster the swimming mask(snorkel).

11. Use the hamster on the fishing rod(he will risk his life to give you that key).

12. Zoom in at the fish tank, use hamster on that tank.

13. Get key, go left, use the key for the door.

14. Now what? Another room!??

To Be Continued...

The Great Living Room Escape Review

 Talk about another wonderful wacky art piece, the graphics faintly remind me of Disney's classic "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"! "The Great Living Room Escape" has such great soundtracks and fluid animation, it get's you in the mood for a snack or to play with your household appliances(don't ask). There's a bit of humor thrown in there between a fish and a door key. Kochaski ought to get an academy award for infusing such outstanding vilification and zest into his games!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The Great Living Room Escape!

This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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