The Great Kitchen Escape

Here is the Greate Kitchen Escape partly by #MateuszSkutnik. #RoomEscape
 From the makers of Pascal Games comes a freshly squeezed Room Escape Game. All part of their house escape(room by room) series. Known for it's uniquely simplified yet sappy point-and-click graphics.

 There really not much of a story behind it. Though you must of done something real stupid to lock yourself in the kitchen. So your quest begins with a sink staring you in the face(a bit moist from dripping tap water). Guide your mouse around the kitchen and grab all the utensil you can to scheme a way out of here. Well actually, you should thank mister fishy for freezing his little butt off devising up a plan for you. Oh, the things we do for love.

The Great Kitchen Escape Review

 For some totally strange reason, those sound effects make me yearn for a cross between tap water and a plumbers occupation(don't ask me why). Maybe it's the way the percussion is arranged. With each little gadget contributing to the beat of the drum.

 The marvelous artwork and graphics certainly do have this cartoon-like atmosphere you'd just love to jump-in. Grabbing the mundane in everyday life and pouring new life into their very fabric. Especially the introduction(refrigerator sticky-posts). Truly a work of art!

 I loved how simple and wacky the game play was. There are some who may still need to cheat now and then. But overall, pixel-hunting and frustration are brought down to a bare minimum. If you are new or just not very good at this room escape thing, then I would definitely recommend "The Great Kitchen Escape".

How To Solve "The Great Kitchen Escape"

Now play The Great Kitchen Escape!

This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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