The Great Bathroom Escape

Here is another good #RoomEscape by #PastelGames.
 Boy it just keeps getting from bad to worse. Getting teased by a Parana is one thing. But talking to flies, well I guess you'll just have to bump up that cat scan appointment. What's more? A bad case of the runs left you glued to the toilet seat for about an hour. When finished, the door would not budge. Alas, you've done it again!

The Great Bathroom Escape

 From Mateusz Skutnik and the studios of Pascal Games, I present to you "The Great Bathroom Escape"! A state of the art room-escape game from the third installment of "The Great House Escape mini-series. We've already gone through The Great Kitchen Escape and The Great Living Room Escape. Now you've locked yourself in the bathroom(nummy)!

 Go ahead and use your point-and-click skills to unravel a few clues and find a way to get that door thrust open. You say only a key will do the trick. Well let's see what you can do with a few toiletries. Think outside the box.

Here's a Walkthrough!

To Be Continued...

The Great Bathroom Escape Review

 I just love the cartoonish picturesque atmosphere and interactivity. The soundtrack puts you in the mood to connecting the most mundane house appliances. There's even a post-humorous little fly on the menu for an eight-legged freak(or not). "The Great Bathroom Escape" is another must-play and in my opinion, belonging to one of the best escape-the-room mini-series out there!

Play The Great Bathroom Escape!

This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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