The Great House Escape Series

 "The Great House Escape" is a series of point-and-click room-escape games from the comic and flash art producers at Here's my little humorous sidekick to the series...
Once upon a time,

 There lived a man who in every way was a dufus(or at least he thought so). He worked for Hampers-a manufacturing giant across the other side of town. He'd just moved into a new home on Elton Street. A peculiar mansion complete with a default lock system.

 The real estate agent gave Doofus about a dozen keys and took off chuckling. One glance at the clock left him also running for the Mercedes Benz and taking off for another full-days work. Thoughtlessly, Dufus tossed those keys aside upon the passengers side. Not giving them another thought.

 Arriving back home, Dufus snuck through the back way into the kitchen to get a bite to eat. The keys were still laying in the car. But before he could realize it, the back-door gave a jolly old slam.

 And so our adventures begin tonight with some dweeb too stupid to even walk out the front door. Will he finally manage to escape or be forever wondering through an endless maze of rooms within "The Great House Escape"? Could someone(or something) be pulling a prank? Find out below in...


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