The Great Bedroom Escape

Here is a wonderful #RooomEscape #Adventure programmed by #MateuszSkutnik.
 Locking one's self up in strange rooms can be quite daunting and challenging. Not to mention fairly draining and mentally exhausting. It's now 11:00 at night(you've been at this since six this morning)! So straight to bed and under the covers you go. Not giving another thought on why you've been finding yourself trapped in odd places.

 The alarm gives an unwelcome morning inauguration. So you got up, got dressed, and approached the bedroom door to get a few things in the attic. The door would not budge! The key to the bedroom door must have slipped out of your pocket unnoticed while going to bed! "Impossible!" You exclaim...But since it's nowhere in sight, you must find some other clever way to get out!

I'm On Numba 5

 Mateusz Skutnik has shocked us with yet another room-escape from the exiting series "The Great House Escape". As is his custom, a new sound-effect is subtly thrown in there somewhere within the cracks. So far, we've thus explored "The Great Kitchen Escape", "The Great Living room escape", "The Great Bathroom Escape", and "The Great Basement Escape". Now our journey takes us to "The Great Bedroom Escape". Sponsored by the find people at

 Use your little mousy to point-and-click for items you will need to throw together into special tools which will aid you in getting that door to burst open. By the way don't get too exited over the cat. The key she is hiding will only open the dresser cabinet. Watch out! She may swear a few syllables(indistinguishable) for waking her highness.

The Great Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

  • Go to right drawer(beside bed) and get the phone separately as the handle(earpiece) and telephone-hook. Also, grab an ink pen from the top shelf.
  • Now go to drawer on other side of bed to obtain the alarm clock.
  • Go left and use ink pen on locked dresser drawer. Collect yellow metal piece that falls on the floor.
  • Go left and grab robe tied around left window curtain.
  • Set the alarm clock on window-sill to 2:00(the cat will shriek off and reveal a key for the dresser).
  • Go right. After opening dresser, obtain super glue to your top left.
  • Zoom out, go right and insert super glue on both phone receiver and transmitter of phone-handle(a.k.a earpiece).
  • Attack phone-handle on yellow metal piece(this will create a saw).
  • Use saw on right bed peg.
  • Now tie the rope around it to create a ram.
  • Go up and connect telephone-hook to light.
  • Then go down, go right, and connect ram to telephone hook suspended in mid-air.
  • Click on ram so it can burst the door open. Guaranteeing your escape. Congratulations!
  • Now to get a few things out of the attic in preparation for Easter...

To Be Continued...

The Great Bedroom Escape Review

 To me this wasn't as spicy nor amusing as what we've already covered in this series. Now don't get me wrong. I think Mateusz has done a terrific job(as usual) in executing the spirit of "The Great House Escape". Maybe it's just the cat didn't do it for me. But the sheer wacky piece of art, coupled with it's twangy and downright zacky gameplay all contributes the bedroom series from getting demoted. Gentlemen! Start your clicking!

Ratings: 5 Stars!

Play The Great Bedroom Escape!

This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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