The Great Basement Escape

Check out the Great Basement Escape by #PastelGames! #MateuszSkutnik
 O.K. So you went to fix a leak down in the basement. But the latter is worn and rickety. ready to snap at any moment. But foolishly, you'd expect a different outcome. Only to land on your rear-end. Obliterating your only way out in the process. Now what do you have to say for yourself?

The Great Basement Escape

 A point-and-click room-escape game. The fourth in a series of "The Great House Escape". Right after The Great Kitchen Escape, The Great Living Room Escape, and The Great Bathroom Escape. Designed by Mateusz Skutnik of

 Use your mouse and your brain to scrape up objects, assemble them together, and carve your way of escape. Really! This is like the forth time you've locked yourself in a room. Is your subconscious playing tricks on you?

The Great Basement Escape Walkthrough

The Great Basement Escape Review

 Another outstanding, child-like, thrilling, room-escape complete with animated graphics and fine art pieces. With state of the art soundtracks and pixel sound-effects, you' just might find yourself tapping involuntarily to the beat. Enjoy!

Play The Great Basement Escape!

This is all part of The Great Escape Series!


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